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Getting from Vilnius to Riga by Lux Express Coach

When I was looking into the best way to travel between the Baltic states, their extensive coach route constantly seemed to be the best option. There are numerous different companies that run coach services from city to city and after some research I decided the best option for me was to use a company called ‘Lux Express’. All the reviews I had read online seemed great and I really struggled to find someone who had a bad word to say about them. Lux Express runs between all the major cities in the Baltic states and surrounding areas and I decided to use them for three routes. 1. Vilnius to Riga 2. Riga to Tallinn 3. Helsinki to St. Petersburg (after getting the ferry from Tallinn to Helsinki) In this post I am going to focus on my first experience with them on the Vilnius to Riga route. I decided to pre book my tickets online. This was the best option for me as I like to have most of my itinery planned and booked out before I leave the UK. However, if you prefer to have a more open itinery, there is a ticket booth at the coach station but this gets very busy during peak hours so I’d advise you to get there at least an hour before your desired departure time. Vilnius coach station (also called Vilnius bus station on most signs and maps!) is very easy to find. It is a quick two minute walk across the road from Vilnius train station which is located right in the city Center.

Numerous coaches leave daily for each route and I decided to catch the midday one. Tickets cost me €13 but I purchased mine months before. Ticket prices do vary depending on the popularity of the route and the time until departure, just the same as plane tickets do. The coach arrives at the terminal stated on your ticket 30 minutes before departure so make sure you arrive in plenty of time! You are allowed one 30kg bag to be stored under the coach and one 5kg hand luggage to carry on-board. No pets are allowed on international routes and smoking is prohibited. When boarding, just give your luggage to the driver and show him your ticket and passport. If you booked online at www.luxexpress.com you will have received an email with an e-ticket on. You can either print off the ticket or just show the driver the ticket on your phone or tablet.

I’d read about just how good the Lux Express services were and I definitely wasn’t disappointed. With just a standard ticket you get a full leather, reclinable seat. Free unlimited WiFi, free water and hot drinks and a multimedia tv on each seat! The multimedia player has plenty of choice on it, from movies to music, including some surprisingly recent titles. The journey from Vilnius to Riga is a little over four hours and is pretty much just one straight road through the stunning Lithuanian countryside. My coach arrived at Riga coach station just after 4pm.

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