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Going From Tallinn to Helsinki by Ferry

Wether only for a day trip, or a long stay, visiting Helsinki is a must when in Tallinn. I’d Decided to spend three days in the city in between visiting the Baltic states and then moving on to Russia afterwards. Getting from Tallinn to Helsinki is pretty easy and theres really no point flying when using the ferry is so cheep and convenient.

I booked my tickets in advance from Direct Ferry’s, one of three companies to run routes between the two cities. Tickets were 30 euros but this price varies depending on what time of day and year you’re travelling on.

Once you’ve booked your tickets, you’ll get a confirmation email through as no tickets are issued until check-in on the day. In order to check in you need to arrive at the port at least 30 minutes before departure time as this is when the gate closes. All ferries for passengers not on cruise liners depart from terminal A, which is a short ten minute walk from Tallinn’s old town.

30 minutes before departure, boarding commences. Each ferry holds about 500 passengers so as soon as the gate opens, its a free for all to get on board and grab the best spots. On board there is plenty to keep you occupied for the short two hour journey across the water. They have everything from café’s to casinos, as well as lockers to keep your belongings in.

Once you arrive at Helsinki, it takes about ten minutes to get everyone off then its a short ten minute walk into the city centre - you don’t even need to go though any passport control!

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