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How To Get From Hong Kong To Macau By Ferry

Macau is an incredible country with so much to offer. Wether you’re into history and culture, or a hardcore gambler, a day trip from Hong Kong is definitely worthwhile.

The only way to get from Hong Kong to Macau is by ferry, the two ‘countries’ (I use that word lightly) are actually so close to each other that no commercial flights run between the two.

The trip lasts just over one hour each way, with two companies running ferries - TurboJet and Cotaiwaterjet. The service that both provide is pretty much identical, the one significant difference being the departure and arrival terminals that they operate from. TurboJet runs from the Macau Ferry Terminal in Hong Kong (South Island) and the Outer Ferry Terminal in Macau. Cotaiwaterjet operates also from the Macau Ferry Terminal in Hong Kong but from Taipa Ferry Terminal in Macau. Ferry’s depart from both terminals every 15 minutes from 7am-12am daily. Each departing ferry alternates which company runs it from Hong Kong so if you have a personal preference as to which terminal you want to arrive at you may have to wait 30 minutes. Macau is very small and there really isn’t much difference between the two but generally, if you want to arrive closer to the old Portuguese town, use TurboJet (Outer ferry terminal arrival) and if you want to do the casinos first use Cotaiwaterjet (Taipa Ferry Terminal arrival)

You can advance book tickets online but there’s really no need to. You can almost always just roll up on the day and hop on the next departing ferry. Ticket prices vary but are generally around £35-40 return. You’re best to get a return ticket when you buy the outgoing one to save time and hassle later on in the day as nighttime ferries are generally much busier. You have to pick a time but you can catch an earlier one if there’s room on it. For example if you buy an 11pm return ticket, you can jump on the 9pm one if there’s room.

Boarder controls:

Since you’re technically moving to a different country, you’ll need your passport for the trip. Boarder control at either end is very quick and neither parties tend to stamp your passport, it’s more of a formality.

Getting around Macau:

Once you arrive in Macau, chances are you’ll either want to go to the old town or to the casinos. The big casinos in the city run free shuttle busses from both terminals every 15 minutes which is really handy. However, coming back, you’re bet bet is to catch the Parisian shuttle, running from 7am-12am daily as they seemed to be the only ones running it. If you ask any of the staff they’ll point you in the right direction as it’s on the bottom floor lobby which was quite hard to find. If you want to go to the old town, you’ll need to catch a bus from Taipa ferry terminal for 6 HKD or 6 MOP, either is accepted. From the outer terminal, you can also catch a bus or alternatively you can walk it in about 20 minutes.

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