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The 4 Best Views Of Shanghai

Anyone who’s spent time travelling in China will know just how different Shanghai is to the rest of the country. Wealth, riches and a mixture of numerous different cultures all contribute to why this stunning city is one of my favourite places on Earth and if you’re planning a visit, you’ll definitely want that characteristic skyline view of Shanghai’s soaring skyscrapers.

1. The 195’s Pick: View from the Bund.

If you’re looking for that view of Shanghai that you see on the front of postcards, you’ll find it here. Spend the afternoon walking down East Nanjing walking street and end up at the former French colonial district just before the sunsets so that you can watch the transformation of the city as the sun goes down, and the lights turn on.

2. Riverside Promenade

After Spending ur evening at the IFC/Super Brand mall, take a short five minute walk towards the waterside. Here you’ll find yourself looking at the Bund and the opposite side to the Oriental Pearl Tower. If you don’t mind splashing the cash, theres plenty of fancy restaurants lined up here for a sunset meal. Alternatively, theres a Starbucks and Haagen-Daz with arguably one of the most awesome views ever.

3.View from the 100th Floor of the Shanghai World Financial Centre

The ‘Big Three’ skyscrapers that dominate Shanghai’s skyline can’t be missed from anywhere in the city. The World Financial Centre, built in 2008, is the only one of them that tourists can go up and is therefore the highest vantage point in the city. There are viewing platforms on the 94th, 95th and 100th floors and a ticket will set you back 200 Yuan (aprox. 20GBP). Again, the best time to go is at sunset/at night, however, queues at this time can be upto two hours so be sure to factor this into your plans. For example, if you want to get up there for sunset at 7pm, you’ll need to start queuing up at 5pm…

4. View from the Pearl Oriental Tower

An alternative view from the World Financial Centre (SWFC), the two viewing platforms give panoramic views around the city and towards the ‘Big Three’ skyscrapers. Personally I don’t think the view up here is as good as the view from the SWFC but if you want the bragging rights of going up one of the most iconic building in the world then the view is still stunning.

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