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Four Reasons Why You Should Get An Octopus Card When Visiting Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a huge city consisting of many islands. If you want to get around, you definitely won’t be able to walk it like you can do in some of the smaller cities. Luckily, Hong Kong has one of the most impressive and extensive public transport systems in the world. The Octopus card is basically the same as the Oyster card in London (yes you can tell that the country use to be owned by the British). It allows you to make fast and cashless trips all around the city on any of the metro trains, busses, ferry’s and trams. Below are four reasons why even as a visitor, picking up an Octopus card is one of the best decisions you’ll make during your visit.

1. It’s cheaper long term

Single ride journeys on the MTR are generally about 10% more expensive than when you pay using the Octopus card. This may not sound like much on a 40p journey but when you’re making 5-10 trips a day during your stay, it can mount up quicker than you think!

2. It’s SO much easier

Having an Octopus card is much more convenient than trying to pay using cash every time you want to go somewhere in the city. You just top it up at any of the stations and off you go with it, having full use of all the metro trains, busses, ferry’s and trams in the city.

On the busses, they only accept the exact change which also means you’ll need a constant supply of small bills on you at all times. On the subway during peak hours, the queues at the single ride counters can be up to 30 minutes long without a card.

3.You can pay for more than just transport with it

I found this feature super cool and convenient during my stay. Not only does the Octopus card work as a transport card, you’re also able to use it in places such as convenience stores, McDonalds and many local retailers. Although pretty much everywhere accepts major cards such as Visa and MasterCard, they more often than not, have a minimum spend on them The Octopus card came to my rescue many times when I just wanted to grab a quick drink or bite to eat without having to find an ATM.

4. You can keep it as a souvenir and use it again when you return

If you fell in love with Hong Kong as badly as I did, chances are you’ll want to visit again at some point. You can take the card home and keep it as the perfect excuse to head back to the country one day.

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